at the beginning of the year to offer a new air Pippen after 6. Brand is also not forget series originator air Pippen 1. At the end of 6 shelves white version after, overwhelmed by the official will be back to the classic black and white color, full palm visible Max cushioning, detail of vamp waves, mini of the swoosh, and black and white red tone modification are so familiar. 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Originally proposed the idea of Austrian pilot, Red Bull Air race champion, wing mounted flight who, mountaineer, explorer Hannes & middot; arshi (Hannes arch), he in a television documentary saw the German pilot Tony & middot; bend (Toni bender by hiking and Paragliding across the Alps, and with his equipme Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping nt, he could not glide lots of hiking, camping in the. "that's amazing!" Alshehhi sighed. "So I thought, why not start a game based on the super long distance? I took my ideas to find the Austria Bull Red, through the development of these years, the formation of today's impressive Bull X-Alps Red - the world's most difficult, the most extreme outdoor endurance race." simple, but also not simple simple, the game is the most cheap jordans for sale mens attractive place. We start from Salzburg, who first arrived in Monaco who win. Just so simple! It is a challenge to the body and soul, has nothing to do with those restrictions and fetters of rules." athletes only by walking or driving a paraglider alone through the Alps, and to go through the Alps on 10 specific punch point. The starting point for the Austria Salzburg, end of the Gulf of Monaco, more than 1000 kilometers Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping distance. Over the years, the race attracts the world's top explorers, again and again to test their limits and excellence of the paragliding technology is necessary skills, but more importantly, the need for extraordinary endurance and perseverance. each team contains an athlete and a backup partner, does not allow any other technical support or help others. The partner's work is mainly athletes security backup supplies, s Retro jordans for sale trategic staff, food supply, medical support and spiritual help (backup partner's role is very important, they are unsung heroes of the game). The time for athletes to travel must be between 05:00~22:30, forced to rest at night. But starting in 2013, the players have a night pass, allowing them to use in the game, only to walk on foot. 2015 increased Powertraveller prologue opening match. Three days before a game in the sta cheap jordans for sale rting point of the Salzburg outskirts held, within a day hiking + flight warm-up match. 2003, the first red bull X-Alps in Austria Dachstein glacier (the Dachstein glacier start, at that time also, France only three punch point -- Germany Zugspitze (Zugpsitze) Blanc peak Mont 〉 retreat step jump shot is the essence and velocity of the action, coherence and leg strength, shake in the walk of each other's core instanta Retro jordans for sale neous dismantling step, jump shots a series of movements. The NBA of most players will be the basic technology, but the following 2 bits can be referred to as the stepback master. kaleidoscope pierce attack have almost all offensive skills, is the sign of retreat, using multi frequency, rods, the effect is good. Maddie is not what skills are not belong to the type of players, each skill can be elegant gorgeous and does not Cheap air jordans for sale lose effectiveness. See: Tracy classic ten step Gif and now push on the floor of the two team headed core, James Harden and Stephen curry also seems to have a good command of the skills. Is take today's game, but compared to, the rhythm of the harden stronger sense of retreat rate is higher, people are very hard to detect. Players who know once you very personal defense a fast and explosive player, if your footsteps not he cheap jordans online flexible, force is equal to the words you can easily be sudden death, and harden can be described as is both power and speed, so you are close to plates are easy to be broken, liberalized, a retreat step opened space, you filling - up will come too late. and curry, because they have a metamorphosis of the three-point shooting and shot fast, so most of the players in the choice of defense will closer to the library, while curry with impressive speed and feint feint can more easily to cite space, in conjunction with retreat step, is a big kill recruit, compared to the two retreat further and the ability of individual, you may also wish to start the topic to explore. Now push warrior 2-0 lead, you might guess the outcome. 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