After CESARIO LO as CR's rising star, not a long time to bring a new color will seem every, this is no exception, we have some time ago just to bring multiple versions of the material, the band once again for everyone to the new color. The new color using a very low-key black shoes are set so low-profile shoes proud strengthen extent, but have to say, or to keep the CR still maverick and will let the shoes look full set, So part of the suture shoe body with a more visual impact of fluorescent blue, including the use of a set of crystal so tha cheap foamposites t the bottom are also full of classic double CESARIO LO still become an excellent pair of must-buy a single product. Currently this pair the new CESARIO LO has been sold in the United States official website. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Beijing time 01 month 29 days, a focus of the war in the French league season 2017-2018 game by Mao situowa stadium, Lorient home court against Dijon. Lorient in five games 2 wins and 3 losses, while Dijon in the last five games 1 wins and 2 d cheap jordans online raws and 2 defeats. Finally, the two sides battle: 2-3, Waris-Majeed, Mavi Aus sylvaine for the harvest goals, the visiting team Lees Melou-Pierre, Loties-Jordan, Diony-Lois as the goal. Tenth minutes Dijon player Lois Diony started playing the central area right foot shot, the ball flew into the goal from the lower left corner is Meiluoluoliang assists 0-1 Dijon. 50 minutes of the second half, Lorient player Waxman Marr restricted the right foot shot, the ball flew into the goal from the lower left corner assists M Embalo Leon 1-1 Dijon. 60 m cheap jordan shoes for men inutes into the second half, Lorient player Majeed Waris right foot shot, the ball flew from the lower left corner of the goal menlough Lyon 2-1 Dijon. 70 minutes of the second half, Dijon fell in front of the goal line, Luo players right foot shot from the right corner, the ball flew into the goal assists is Malvin Martin Lorient 2-2 Dijon. 93 minutes of the second half, Dijon player Melo small restricted the right footed shot from the lower right corner, the ball flew into the goal assists is Abe Dello Leon 2-3 in Dijon. The whistle score was Cheap air jordans for sale 2 to 3 victory over Dijon, Lorient. this competition team Lorient to 60% control narrowly ball rate control, however, did not give the victory. Lorient shot 11 times, shoot the 6 ball, scored 2 goals, while Dijon only 4 shots, shoot 4 balls, scoring 3 goals. In addition Lorient and Dijon respectively won the 2 and 2 corners, 8 and 14 free kicks. American fashion noble Thom Browne released this spring, the latest shoes series, although the use of color and type of shoes are more traditional, but still rely on the details of the creative impres Retro jordans for sale sed us. Thom Browne is designed to make full use of the elements in each season, and the shoes are integrated into the iconic red and black grosgrain patterns, to create works of fuzzy boundaries and casual shoes, dress shoes, called the unbeaten election. Recently, the famous fashion website Selectism for everyone named Thom Browne this season's best style, like this style of friends may as well refer to. {div style=" text-align: center" 〉 Yichun city to major projects as the starting point to accelerate the construction of the indus cheap jordans for sale trial base, efforts to cultivate the regional economic growth, industrial base strong rise in the city. So far, in the 19 provincial industrial base in Yichun City, the provincial development and Reform Commission finds that there are 8, accounting for 42% of the province. High security ceramics industry base has also been identified as the "base" China building ceramics industry, Chinese as the first national building ceramics industry base. Yichun City, the timely introduction of "on the construction of the industrial base of the opini Retro jordans for sale on", in the city to start the construction of the industrial base. The city of science and industry positioning and planning, relying on the traditional industrial base and abundant resources, the construction of Zhangshu salt chemical industry, Yuanzhou special mechanical and electrical, high security building ceramics industry base; and around the leading industries to carry out targeted investment, the introduction of a number of leading role of leading enterprises, to build industry based on its good development base, the construction of the Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping Fengxin textile, Fengcheng fine ceramics, high shoes and other industrial base. The city infrastructure construction industry base, and the establishment of mechanisms for coordination of services, to give priority support from the land, financing etc.. Yichun city in the industrial base construction actively cultivate a number of related degree, a strong impetus to the industry, and play an exemplary role in radiation and leading enterprises, vigorously supporting the development of enterprises, to build the industrial chain. Fengchen cheap jordans for sale mens g fine ceramics industry base of the building ceramic and sanitary ware industry development as the main goal, has introduced the Cimic, Eastroc, beautiful industry brands, and attracted more than 10 Tai Hua Ya, mold, glaze, roller, packaging, logistics supporting enterprises on the footwear industry base come in a throng is high; has been formed in Baoji Chengdu, PEAK group as the leading shoe industry cluster, Xiaoshan technology, CAD, Yu Sheng Kyrgyzstan rotary matching shoes. The characteristics of industrial base strong rise, promoted the r Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping apid development of the economy of Yichun city last year, the city's economic and social realization of "double six" new leap: GDP reached 60 billion 500 million yuan, fiscal revenue reached 6 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 14% and 25.2% respectively. (Editor: admin) Taiwan Taoyuan County shoe trade union chairman Liu Chunwan early came to "2007 Wenzhou export footwear procurement meeting" venue. The purpose of his visit is to investigate the export of footwear in Wenzhou, so that the next more than 200 local footwear operators will come to purchase. the day before the meeting, and Liu Chunwan took the same purpose and from all over the world more than 50 footwear trade group procurement and import and export trade company. the first "Wenzhou footwear export procurement meeting" is in the background. Wenzhou city staff shoe industry believes that the market is now intense price competition, indirect re trade way, make Wenzhou a lot of export orders almost unprofitable shoes. Change foreign trade shoes enterprises "setter, three hand" passive situation, expand overseas sales channels shoe-making enterprises, but also many of Wenzhou's small and medium-sized shoes enterprises boss wishes. The procurement meeting is also aimed at further attracting overseas procurement agencies, and accelerate the expansion of Wenzhou footwear industry in the share of cross-border procurement network.KD9 nearly a year, KD10 spy out In fact, KD9 ELITE looks like Nike's Nike SB skateboarding series has been a focus of street skate enthusiasts and shoe buffs, with street skates and styling. And this release of this Dunk High OMS "Military Brown", but with the traditional skateboard shoes shape is very different. Dark brown appearance with outdoor outdoor texture, although the shoe design inherited the Dunk series of shoes, but the design is a climbing shoes ACG style, leather, nylon fabric, lace and pink mountain metal D ring eyelet, these elements collocation filled outdoor climbing style to skateboard shoes as the base at the same time together the perfect presentation of shoes, as you will use it to skateboarding or outdoor sports, each one takes what he needs!